Smart details.

Springwoods Village is a community that balances nature, urbanism, and diversity. The master plan has carefully considered how to blend homes, retail, offices, schools, parks, and mass transit, while still protecting the natural ecosystems here. The existing forest and Spring Creek will be protected and preserved utilizing best practices in sustainable design and infrastructure. As the community grows, land will be donated from our 2,000 acres to provide schools, civic and recreation facilities, libraries, and emergency services. 

Neighborhoods that help you thrive.

Springwoods Village will ultimately be home to 12 to 15,000 people, within a series of intimate neighborhoods that provide a wide variety of single family and multi-family homes. We are also home to hundreds of acres of forest habitat, wetlands, ponds, and all of the animals and birds native to these ecosystems. The community is designed not only to support all of its inhabitants, but to help them thrive. Learn more about our natural assets and their preservation in Springwoods Village in our Nature section.

The corporate life.

The corporate campus district within Springwoods Village supports major corporate headquarters and growing companies. ExxonMobil and Southwestern Energy have located their corporate campuses within Springwoods Village, and HP, Inc. and ABS are both building new office campuses here now. The community design connects these corporate campuses to the CityPlace urban district and to residential neighborhoods via bike paths and walking trails. Many employees will enjoy living in Springwoods Village, further reducing their dependency on the car. Tour the Corporate Campuses section.

Urban lure.

At the heart of Springwoods Village is CityPlace, a 60-acre mixed use urban district that features office buildings, a hotel, restaurants, shops, residences, and a public plaza. It’s a gathering place for the community that celebrates energy, diversity, and connection. One of the cool design features of CityPlace is its use of architectural “wind chimneys” to bring wind from above the building rooftops down to ground level to provide a cooling effect for pedestrians, shoppers, and outside diners. Learn more about CityPlace.

What makes our community sustainable?

Our community infrastructure is being executed with a number of sustainable design approaches including bioswales for natural drainage, LED street lighting, reclaimed water from the Springwoods Wastewater Plant for non-potable uses, low-water landscaping for parks and streetscapes, and a 14-acre tree farm for a regenerative supply of native trees.